North of Everything : English-Canadian Cinema Since 1980

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TitleNorth of Everything : English-Canadian Cinema Since 1980
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsBeard, W, White, J
Number of Pages488
PublisherUniversity of Alberta Press
ISBN Number0888643985
KeywordsMotion pictures Canada History.

Screen space, screen time, and Canadian film exhibition / Brave new film board / Imagining region : a survey of Newfoundland film / English-Canadian animation, 1975-2000 / Shacky-wacky animation : the case of Manitoba / Conjugating three moments in black Canadian cinema / Fishy / Directed by Phillip Borsos / Janis Cole and Holly Dale's cinema of marginality / Thirty-two paragraphs about David Cronenberg / The Cronenberg effect / Repetition, compulsion, and representation in Atom Egoyan's films / The tuxedoed fallacy : intratextual audiences in two films by François Girard / Greyson, Grierson, Godard, God : reflections on the cinema of John Greyson / Srinivas Krsihna and the New Canadian Cinema / Fire and ice : the films of Guy Maddin / 35-mm non-fiction : an interview with Ron Mann / Canadian (inter)national cinema : William MacGillivray's Life classes / Outlaw insider : the films of Bruce McDonald / The radically moderate Canadian : Don McKellar's cinematic persona / Deepa Mehta as transnational filmmaker, or, You can't go home again / Political alignments and the lure of 'more existential questions' in the films of Patricia Rozema / States of emergency in the films of Anne Wheeler / Studio one : of storytellers and stories / In the hands of the people : a conversation with Marjorie Beaucage / Cowboy filmmaking : an interview with Gil Cardinal / Alanis Obsomsawin, documentary form and the Canadian nation(s) / Uncommon visions : the films of Loretta Todd / A report on Canadian experimental film institutions, 1980-2000 / Ten years of dreams about art / Mike Hoolboom and the second generation of AIDS films in Canada / The Lisa Steele tapes : investigation and vision /