The Anthropology of Art : A Reader

TitreThe Anthropology of Art : A Reader
Type de publicationBook
Year of Publication2006
AuteursClifford, J, Morphy, H, Perkins, M
Series TitleBlackwell anthologies in social and cultural anthropology
PublisherBlackwell Pub.
CityMalden, MA ; Oxford
ISBN Number1405105623
Mots-clésArt and anthropology., Art and society.

Primitive Art / Split Representation in the Art of Asia and America / Introduction to tribes and Forms in African Art / Style, Grace, and Information in Primitive Art / Tikopea Art and Society / Abelam Artist / Modernist primitivism : an introduction / Defective affinities: primitivism in 20th Century Art / Histories of the Tribal and the Modern / Case in Point and afterwords to Primitive Art in Civilized Places / Oriental Antiquities/Far Eastern art / Introduction to art/artifact: African art in anthropology collections / Vogel's Net: Traps as Artworks and Artworks as Traps / Yoruba Artistic Criticism / Style in Technology: Some Early Thoughts / Marvels of Everyday Vision: The Anthropology of Aesthetics and the Cattle-Keeping nilotes / From Dull to Brilliant: The Aesthetics of Spiritual Power Among the Yolngu / Visual Categories: An Approach to the Study of Representational Systems / Structural Patterning in Kwakiutl Art and Ritual / Sacred Art and Spiritual Power: An Analysis of Tlingit Shaman's Mask / All things made / Modernity and the 'Graphicalization' of Meaning: New Guinea Highland Shield Design in Historical Perspective / Arts of the fourth world / Collecting and Display of Souvenir Arts: Authenticity and the strictly commercial / Art of the Trade: on the Creation of Value and Authenticity in the African art market / Second Reflection: Presence and Opposition in Contemporary Maori Art / Representing Culture: The Production of Discourse(s) for Aboriginal Acrylic paintings / Aesthetics and Iconography: An Artists Approach / Kinds of knowing / Cew Ete Haw I Tih: The Bird That Carries Language Back to Another /