Film and Knowledge : Essays on the Integration of Images and Ideas

TitreFilm and Knowledge : Essays on the Integration of Images and Ideas
Type de publicationJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuteursStoehr, KL
ISBN Number0786413204
Mots-clésMotion pictures.

Losing the plot : narrative form and ethical identity in Lost highway / Jane Stadler – The order of rage : epistemology and the need for knowledge in Paul Schrader's Affliction / Christopher Fahy – The end of suspicion : Hitchcock, Descartes, and Joan Fontaine / Robert J. Yanal – Ordinary, extraordinary, real, and true : negotiating the boundaries in Cronenberg's Naked lunch / Amy Lund – The anti-metaphysics game : a Wittgensteinian reading of The crying game / Richard Gull – Platonic themes in Chris Marker'a La jet / Sander Lee – Persistent ambiguity and moral responsibility in Rashomon / Robert van Es – Citizen Kant : themes of consciousness and cognition in Citizen Kane / Dave Leboeuf – Epistemology and the philosophy of cinema / Matthew Burstein – Is it all in our imagination? : questioning the use of the concept of the imagination in cognitive film theory / Karen Bardsley – The epistemology of race and Black American film noir : Spike Lee's Summer of Sam as lynching parable / Dan Flory – Feminist film theory as ideology critique / Cynthia A. Freeland – It's all ideology, isn't it? / Daniel Shaw – Film, feminism, and ideology : a reply to Dan Shaw and Cynthia Freeland / Noël Carroll.