New Screen Media : Cinema/Art/Narrative

TitreNew Screen Media : Cinema/Art/Narrative
Type de publicationBook
Year of Publication2002
AuteursRieser, M, Zapp, A
Number of Pages335
PublisherBritish Film Institute
ISBN Number0851708641
Mots-clésArt and technology., Interactive art., Interactive multimedia., Mass media., Motion pictures and the arts., Multimedia (Art), Narration (Rhetoric), Narrative art., Video art.

DVD-ROM produced by 4:2:2 (Bristol) 2001 for the ZKM (Karlsruhe) and the BFI (London)"–Preface / Timothy Druckrey – Foreword : an age of narrative chaos? / Martin Rieser and Andrea Zapp – Structural overview : cinema, art, and the reinvention of narrative – Spreadsheets, sitemaps, and search engines : why narrative is marginal to multimedia and networked communication, and why marginality is more vital than universality / Sean Cubitt – Reflections on digital imagery : of mice and men / Paul Willemen – The art of narrative : towards the floating work of art / Söke Dinkla – Narrated theory : multiple projection and multiple narration (past and future) / Peter Weibel – Towards meaningful spaces / Annika Blunck – Spatial computerisation and film language / Lev Manovich – Net.drama://myth/mimesis/mind*mapping/ / Andrea Zapp – Interactive or inhabited TV : broadcasting for the twenty-first century / Alex Butterworth and John Wyver – New paradigms <> new movies : interactive film and new narrative interfaces / Chris Hales – The interactive art gambit / Ken Feingold – Notes toward a hypertextual theory of narrative / Jon Dovey – The poetics of interactivity : the uncertainty principle / Martin Rieser – Interactive storytelling : the renaissance of narration / Eku Wand – Mastery (sonic c'est moi) / Grahame Weinbren – Crossing and collapsing time : re-constructing (her)historical and ideological film narratives on a transformed stage / Jill Scott – The space between : telepresence, re-animation, and the re-casting of the invisible / Toni Dove – Intersecting the virtual and the real : space in interactive media installations / George Legrady – Virtual reality : tautological oxymoron / Malcolm Le Grice – Recombinant poetics : emergent explorations of digital video in virtual space / Bill Seaman – The construction of experience : turning spectators into visitors / Luc Courchesne – Movies after film : the digitally expanded cinema / Jeffrey Shaw – 'Emotions encoded' / Merel Mirage – An ersatz of life : the dream life of technology / Zoe Beloff – The good cook : a vertical axis versus a horizontal axis in interactive narrative construction / Michael Buckley – Mongrel's National heritage : reporting the experience / Graham Harwood.