Sure Seaters : The Emergence of Art House Cinema

TitreSure Seaters : The Emergence of Art House Cinema
Type de publicationBook
Year of Publication2001
AuteursWilinsky, B
Series TitleCommerce and Mass Culture Series
Number of Pages178
PublisherUniversity of Minnesota Press
ISBN Number0816635625
Mots-clésExperimental films United States., Foreign films United States., Motion picture theaters United States.

Introduction. The Image of Culture: Art Houses and Film Exhibition – 1. Reading for Maximum Ambiguity: A Consideration of the Art Film – 2. Around the Corner from the Big Top: Contextualizing the Postwar Art House – 3. Limited Audience Appeal: Shaping the Art House Industry – 4. "Any Leisure That Looks Easy Is Suspect": Art House Audiences and the Search for Distinction – 5. "Demitasse Intermissions and Lobbies Hung with Paintings": The Techniques of Running an Art House – Conclusion. Ranges of Difference: Alternative Cultures in a Commercial Industry.