Visual Pedagogy : Media Cultures in and Beyond the Classroom

TitreVisual Pedagogy : Media Cultures in and Beyond the Classroom
Type de publicationBook
Year of Publication2002
AuteursGoldfarb, B
PublisherDuke University Press
ISBN Number0822329360
Mots-clésAudio-visual education Social aspects., Critical pedagogy., Mass media and education.

Media and global education : television's debut in classrooms from Washington, D.C., to American Samoa – Students as producers : critical video production – Critical pedagogy at the end of the rainbow curriculum : media activism and institutional border crossing – Peer education and interactivity : youth cultures and new media technologies in schools and beyond – Museums, pedagogy, and technology : the blockbuster exhibition and the emergence of managed diversity – A pedagogical cinema : development theory, colonialism, and post-liberation African film – Local television and community politics in Brazil : São Paolo's TV Anhembi.