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SCMS’ Fieldnotes Project Expands Selection of Film Studies Oral Histories.

The SCMS Fieldnotes project is pleased to present a new slate of oral history interviews, featuring many seminal scholars from the fields of film and media studies. New video and audio interviews include Tom Gunning, Mary Ann Doane, Francesco Casetti, and many more.

Check out the project at: Fieldnotes

Fieldnotes is an SCMS project to conduct, circulate and archive interviews with pioneers of film and media studies. In addition to recognizing the contributions of key scholars, the project also aims to foster knowledge of and interest in the diverse and dynamic developments that have shaped -- and continue to shape -- our expanding field. Fieldnotes is currently led by Haidee Wasson, with the help of a committee comprised of Patrice Petro and Barbara Klinger. It is sponsored both by SCMS and by ARTHEMIS, a Concordia University based research team investigating the history and epistemology of moving image studies.

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