Sure Seaters : The Emergence of Art House Cinema

Title Sure Seaters : The Emergence of Art House Cinema
Publication Type Book
Year of Publication 2001
Authors Wilinsky, B
Series Title Commerce and Mass Culture Series
Number of Pages 178
Publisher University of Minnesota Press
City Minneapolis
Keywords Experimental films United States., Foreign films United States., Motion picture theaters United States.

Introduction. The Image of Culture: Art Houses and Film Exhibition – 1. Reading for Maximum Ambiguity: A Consideration of the Art Film – 2. Around the Corner from the Big Top: Contextualizing the Postwar Art House – 3. Limited Audience Appeal: Shaping the Art House Industry – 4. "Any Leisure That Looks Easy Is Suspect": Art House Audiences and the Search for Distinction – 5. "Demitasse Intermissions and Lobbies Hung with Paintings": The Techniques of Running an Art House – Conclusion. Ranges of Difference: Alternative Cultures in a Commercial Industry.