Conférence de Will Brooker

Jeudi, Octobre 2, 2014 - 17:15
Batman: 75 Years of Transmedia Text
Concordia University, EV-6,720
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Since 1940, one year after his inception, Batman has occupied multiple media texts: from 1943 onwards, he has also existed across multiple media forms. This talk takes us through 75 years of Batman as a cross-platform cultural icon, tracing his journey from comics through newspaper strips and film serials to television, movies and video games. It argues that these different Batmen exist in a dialogue, rather than a simple process of adaptation, and examines the way in which they continue to inform each other, right up to the Arkham video games, the Gotham TV show and the Batman v Superman blockbuster.
Professor Will Brooker is the leading academic expert on Batman, author of several books on popular culture. He is currently Professor of Film and Cultural Studies at Kingston University, London, and editor of Cinema Journal. Among many books he published Batman Unmasked (Continuum, 2000),  BFI Film Classics: Star Wars (BFI Palgrave, 2009), Hunting the Dark Knight (I B Tauris, 2012).




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