Rhetorically charged debates over theory have divided scholars of the humanities for decades. In Elegy for Theory, D. N. Rodowick steps back from well-rehearsed arguments pro and con to assess why theory has become such a deeply contested concept.
“Perfectionism’s Ironic Transport (Reading Now Voyager After Cavell)”
D.N. Rodowick
“Perfectionism’s Ironic Transport (Reading Now Voyager After Cavell)”
“Long Live Play” and “Platform Dominance, Contents Strategies”
Alain Chouinard's “Long Live Play” and Marc Steinberg 's “Platform Dominance, Contents Strategies”, 7 février, MB 2,270 (1450 rue Guy).
Alain Chouinard’s presentation, “‘Long Live Play’: The Commercialization and Capture of Play within YouTube’s Gameplay Commentary Community,” analyzes the rising popularity of gameplay commentary withi
Film Culture and Critical Discourse in Transnational Context
Masha Salazkina and Katarina Mihailovic
Film Cultures and Critical Discourses in Transnational Contexts
Nov 29,16h00
EV 5,615
(1515 Ste.Catherine W.)
The two presentations will engage with the historiographical questions in the study of institutional film cultures and critical discourses on cinema in transnational contexts.
Film, Photography and their World Dependence
John Hunting and Trevor Mowchun, 
Nov 22, 16h, EV 5,615
Trevor Mowchun explores the “world dependence” of film through a reconsideration of the conditions of both the presence and absence of the world onscreen.
Cycles de conférence

Avec Irene Rozsa, John Hunting and Trevor Mowchun, Masha Salazkina and Katarina Mihailovic, Marc Steinberg and Alain Chouinard, Veronica Pravadelli, D.N.

Reconsidering Cuban Film Culture
Irene Rozsa
October 18, 2013, 14h30 
EV 5,615
1515 Ste.Catherine W.

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