ARTHEMIS Bursary Winner Irene Rozsa

ARTHEMIS is pleased to announce that Irene Rozsa received the 2012-2013 ARTHEMIS bursary for her project :

“Cuban film discourse: The evolution of cinephilia and film criticism from 1950 to 1970”

The Workshop on Transnational Approaches to Film and Media Studies was a two-day event, which took place on March 14-15 at Concordia.
Alternative worlds, multivers. The point of view of cosmology

Mankind, probably throughout all its history, has tried to understand the world. In these attempts, the concept of the world itself has often changed. For thousands of years there had been countless descriptions—driven by religious, philosophical, nationalistic, artistic, even personal, beliefs—about its origins, features, structure, fate.

Texts, worlds, stories: on the aesthetics of narrative and semiotic proliferation

A major trend in contemporary narrative production is the rejection of an aesthetics  that proclaims the inseparability of text, world and narrative.  The traditional formula “one text, one world, one story” is challenged on one  side by the phenomenon of transmedia  storytelling, and on the other by texts that that contain many worlds and

Worldtime, Lifetime, Bodytime. Interrogating Models of World Building.

What are the connotations of the model of world building as a metaphor for our current engagement with media? What are the consequences for our relationship to fiction?

Absorption, Saturation, and Overflow in the Building of Imaginary Worlds

While much has been written about “immersion”, it is only the first step in the experiencing of an imaginary world.  This paper explores the experience by going further into the process, with the additional liquid metaphors of absorption, saturation, and overflow, and examines not only the effects that each of these processes or stages has on the world’s

Worlds and Video Games: the Case of Japan

Video game has become over the years an essential media in the creation of fictional worlds. These digital realms offer interactive and immersive experiences that transform the way we consume these worlds.

How did the ‘Whoniverse’ Begin? Hyperdiegesis and Trans-transmedia

This paper revisits a concept from Fan Cultures (Hills 2002): ‘hyperdiegesis’. I defined the term there as a textual quality inciting fans’ involvement in cult media.